04 January 2020

Sydney, Australia

Dublin – California, US

Tokyo, Japan

12th Wonder is pleased to announce the signing of our global strategic partnership with flagship, award-winning Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning & IoT organisation, Lorgan.

Lorgan is a foundation partner of 12th Wonder’s Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics practice.

“The 12th Wonder-Lorgan partnership is a powerful combination. 12th Wonder’s understanding of complex manufacturing & healthcare (products & services) implementations, its deep software engineering expertise, and its Agile collaborative approach are uniquely complementary to how the smartest and award-winning Lorgan AI team works. We believe this helps to generate industry-leading business and technology solutions,” said Ajay Krishnamurthy, CEO of 12th Wonder.

Lorgan’s partnership with 12th Wonder is significant, together we continue to strengthen the value proposition we bring to our customer base across Japan, APAC, US, and ANZ regions by implementing Lorgan’s Enigma, an IoT & AI platform, that unlocks the power of data. We look forward to working closely with 12th Wonder to generate value to our customers”, said Srikanth Markonda, CEO & Founder of Lorgan.

“Both Lorgan and 12th Wonder have got the smartest of products in hand, be it Lorgan’s Enigma Behavioural LakeEnigma BeyondEyes, or 12th Wonder’s flagship test lifecycle management product’s, Titan, Spartan or WHS. The collaboration represents a step-change in the way both businesses address the needs of the market, and I am excited to work closely with Srikanth and Ajay” said Sadiq M, Head of Technology of Lorgan.

Both companies will work together on multiple initiatives, initially across Japan, APAC, US, Australia, and NZ.

12th Wonder is an agile software development and digital transformation company. Our enterprise-grade software products provide a collaborative team environment turning data into actionable insights. Our bespoke software development services enable our clients to implement solutions to operate at maximum efficiency. 12th Wonder is headquartered in California, with branches in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Tokyo (Japan), and Pune (India).

Contact Email:                       info@12thwonder.com

Founded in 2013, Lorgan (www.lorganglobal.com) is a flagship, award winning Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning & IoT organization. Lorgan’s Enigma Behavioural Lake platform is unique because there is no other single platform globally capable of serving the problems and opportunities associated with various industries.

Lorgan was founded by Srikanth Markonda (former CTO of Emagine International,

Regional Group Manager – Infosys’ Advanced Technologies practice,

Portfolio Manager – Verizon’s Metrics & Analytics Centre of Excellence)

CIOAdvisor recently named us in the top 10 Data Analytics companies in APAC. Here is the link to the online version:

https://www.cioadvisorapac.com/magazines/March2019/Data_Analytics/. The Top 10 list is on page no.27 and Company’s profile is on page no.40.

In addition, Lorgan is honoured to be receiving this ‘Consensus’ award for our Enigma Behavioural Lake platform.


Lorgan’s advisory board members are:

Hon. Andrew Stoner (former NSW Deputy Premier),

Eddie Satterly (former Chief Evangelist / CTO – Splunk, CTO Cyber, Mobile, IoT, Cloud, and Big data & Analytics – CSC),

Dr. Caroline Hong (former CEO of the SME Association of Australia),

Dr. Krishan Anand (former CTO of CBA Institutional Banking, CIO of IGA)

Shobhana Chandawarkar (former Delivery Head of Infosys’ Systems Integration practice)

Contact Email:           ask@lorganglobal.com


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