The Problem

The entire Bigdata data-driven analytics, insights & predictions generation, monetisation & Generative AI implementation 

● comes at an exorbitant build price

● requires highly skilled resources

● takes ages to implement

● has a high cost of change and

● needs deep focus to make it ethically correct.

That’s why most organisations are still struggling to easily onboard Artificial Intelligence! This is where innovative, award(s) winning Lorgan’s Enigma platform makes a huge difference!

Lorgan’s Enigma Behavioural Lake, Now Empowered with the Power of Generative AI!
Lorgan’s “Enigma” is an industry-agnostic, use case agnostic, low-code, configurable, behavioural science platform that can onboard any AI & IoT use case.


Suite of Products

Building data lakes, Machine Learning, IoT & Generative AI capabilities using multiple technologies is a history. Lorgan’s Enigma is a unified platform that can perform Data Ingestion (including IoT data), Analytics generation, building Machine Learning Algorithms, Generative AI, Exploration, & Visualisation all in one “serverless, configuration-driven” tool.

That’s how our customers save time, and money and can hit the market at rocket speed by onboarding Enigma.



Enigma is the Catalyst for Transformation

A Dynamic Fusion of Analytics, AI, IoT, and Cutting-Edge Generative AI Empowering Across Industries and Use Cases.

Customers & Partners

We partner with organisations that share our philosophy of delivering great customer value and innovative technology solutions that directly address business challenges.