Lorgan is an award winning, simplified, Data, AI, Gen AI & IoT organisation

Srikanth Markonda, the CEO and founder of Lorgan, has started a revolution by architecting the platform we named “Enigma.” Enigma is built to deliver Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, and IoT projects with extreme accuracy, unlimited scalability, and considerably less time than it would take most organizations to deliver a proof of concept.


Most people are aware that data can be a very powerful tool to understand and predict the behaviour of an individual or an entity. However, data stored, or streamed on servers may not solely represent 100% of an individual’s behaviour.
Think of a tool that can integrate the parasympathetic behaviour of an individual and their associated transactional data to generate 360 degrees of behavioural patterns. This is precisely what constitutes the core of Lorgan’s ground-breaking Enigma platform.

Meet the Team

A team that focuses on execution with excellence.

Sadeeq M (Sadiq)

Head of Engineering

Dr. Abhishek Singh

Head of Global Marketing

Evan Bartholomeusz

Head of Testing &
Enigma Platform Support

Hon. Andrew Stoner AM

Growth & Executive
Support - Advisor

Dr Caroline Hong FAICD

Growth & Executive
Support - Advisor

Eddie Satterly

Chief Evangelist - Advisor

Dr. Krishan Anand

Cloud & Security - Advisor

Shobhana Chandawarkar

Global Delivery - Advisor

A R Sreenivas

Director - Enigma Product &
Consulting Sales

Umathurappan (“Uma”)

Distinguished Principal Consultant