The hospitality industry is one of the key industries suffering from various challenges in terms of a) lost assets b) food wastage c) lack of optimised usage of electricity, gas & water and d) preserving the food for longer durations.

For e.g., the stealing of hotel assets is one of the common but expensive problems that the hospitality industry is currently facing. For example, we are currently working with one of the Asia based hotels losing 5,500 linen items such as towels were stolen per month, costing them around AUD $33,000 in replacement costs per month.

In addition, the hotel is also dumping close to 2 tons of food due to not able to predict/estimate the exact quantities required for the month.

We are now implementing our behavioural lake embedded with RFID based fabric sensors to prevent and detect theft of linen and also helping them in generating forecasts of how much food needs to be ordered for a particular month.

Just the linen is expected to save them at least 60%, which is equivalent to AUD $19,800 per month.