MARKETING ATTRIBUTION is the identification of a set of user actions (“events” or “touchpoints”). These touchpoints contribute in some manner to the desired outcome.

Marketing attribution provides a level of understanding of a combination of events in a particular order that influence individuals to engage in the desired behaviour, typically referred to as, Next Best Action.

Fundamental to achieving customer profitability & leadership retention is to understand the value of each individual customer and invest retention budgets according to actual and potential value.

To correctly match the investment in each customer to their value, sophisticated organisations must move beyond simple revenue or demographic segmentation to a real-time measure of Customer Lifetime value combined with Profitability. Lorgan’s Behavioural lake creates and maintains individual customer behaviour in various dimensions and by implementing its rich Machine Learning based decisioning we can precisely predict customers to be targeted for upselling, cross-selling, or potential churners.

Lorgan’s Enigma Behavioural lake platform enables organisations to implement smart decisioning using machine learning to gain insights from data, understand various customer touchpoints, and drive incremental revenues.

In addition, the platform allows organisations to identify potential churners and prescribes actionable insights that will:

a) reduce the churn

b) increase loyalty, and

c) make you stay competitive

** No more implementation timelines in months and years ….

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