Consensus group specialises in the design and management of industry development/award and recognition programs, committed to supporting innovative enterprises.

Consensus celebrated its 20th year in 2019 by running Awards and have conducted in excess of 1,000 evaluations of innovative technology. Judging is conducted by over 180 judges, a huge brains trust!

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has presented the Consensus Awards twice. In his 2017 message as Prime Minister, he said…

The Consensus Awards have a history of celebrating some of the most cutting-edge and innovative Australian tech companies, counting world-famous firms Atlassian and WiseTech Global as former recipients. I have no doubt that this year’s recipients will follow in their success.

Lorgan is honoured to be receiving this ‘Consensus’ award for our Enigma Behavioural Lake platform. I am grateful for the recognition given to our Enigma platform by the 18 Consensus judges and the management led by Julian because I am certain that all nominees had the equal capability, if not more, for winning this award.



Lorgan’s vision in developing the Enigma platform was as an answer to multiple questions, faced in both real life as well as in business-related scenarios: be it, whether establishing better ways on how to reduce costs, increase revenues, preventing or minimizing failures of machinery, and in the prediction and detection of natural disasters, to name a few.

Transforming ideas into reality required a lot of effort, and at times we faced many challenges. I am grateful that I was not alone throughout this journey. I had my best team walking alongside me, providing unconditional support. I have to thank Sadiq, Evan, Siri, John and Kiran for all their support and I look forward to working with you all to take Lorgan to the next level.

Above all, I cannot forget my most respected advisory panel consisting of Hon. Andrew StonerDr. Caroline HongEddie SatterlyDr. Krishan AnandSuren, and Shobhana Chandawarkar for all their support and mentoring in the last few years. I look forward to working closely with each and every one of you to achieve a lot more in the years ahead.

In addition, I sincerely thank our small, but the highly diversified team with backgrounds that encompass, Australia, Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia), USA, Africa, and Europe. We are a company of 14  people, however, their background hail from 7 different countries. Wow! This is an amazing mix!

We have a great strategy in place to take this platform globally, and I am sure recognition from the Consensus group will help us in communicating our message to the rest of the world and be prepared to embrace and support another innovative Australian company to help you in achieving your business goals by implementing our Enigma platform.

Thank you, and have a great day!

From the desk of

Srikanth Markonda