Lorgan is excited to announce our partnership with “Data Nexus”. We are delighted to offer our clients this fully automated “ZTP – Zero Touch Provisioned” platform that is immutable and can run on hybrid clouds or bare metal.

What is Data Nexus?

Eddie Satterly founded “Data Nexus” with a simple problem statement of taking data from many sources and routing it to one or more destinations in easiest way by filtering, masking and augmenting the data in-flight followed by routing transactions, events, messages and other data into streams. Finally assemble the data in-flight and write the results to ANY store. That is what DataNexus is built for. The DataNexus platform is a fully automated “ZTP” Zero Touch Provisioned solution, that has advanced features like end-to-end encryption and replication. The platform is immutable and can run on hybrid clouds or bare metal.

What does this mean for our clients?

This means Lorgan can combine the power of both real time and batch data processing within the same platform and can run this in multiple layers with powerful robotics based automation embedded in the same. The solution is also compatible with multiple cloud platforms such as AWS, Openstack and Azure.

Lorgan brings this solution with capabilities such as filtering, masking and augmenting the data in-flight.

Key features:

  • Ability to merge RDBMS and stream data in-flight
  • Ability to enable consumption via API, Search and Reporting
  • Enabled new Insights platform
  • Allows for telematics + transaction data in a view
  • Single view of Customer


  • Cost reductions by ~60% when compared with traditional big data processing due to robotics based automation
  • 100% adherence to Security and Compliance
  • Process billions of records in a second
  • Give us the data … We will bring insights in hours worst case
  • Search driven self-discovery
  • Easy to implement in 4-6 weeks

“Lorgan is committed towards delivering the best data processing solutions to its clients which are a) Simple b) Accurate and c) Self Serviceable. Data Nexus best fits these categories and we are looking forward to working with them” – Srikanth Markonda said.