Point Cloud’ are a collection of laser pulse points that represent a 3D shape, or feature. Each point has its own set of X, Y and Z coordinates, and in some cases, has additional attributes. We can think about a point cloud as a collection of multiple points. Surprisingly, when many points are brought together they start to show some interesting qualities of the feature that they represent.


LiDAR stands for “Light Detection and Ranging”. Airborne aerial imagery is generally used to beam laser pulses onto the Earth’s surface. As the laser’s return reading is captured by the sensor, the LiDAR system records data based on the information received. The LiDAR system requires many components to record such data, such as a GPS, so that each point will consist of accurate data readings. The resulting point clouds of the LiDAR collection method are saved in the .LAS file format.

Lorgan’s Enigma Behavioural lake processes consists of:

a) vast 3D Point Clouds data in excess of multiple, hundreds of billions of 3D Coordinates

b) classifies various objects on the ground

c) generates prescriptions, with exact distance measurements of a variety of dangerous objects that surround conductors, or assets such as power lines, poles, telephone towers etc.,